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"It would certainly be a tragedy."

白黒カネキ君 by shiromi

We at snkgifs, would like to thank everyone for the great success of the snkgraphic tag. We’ve come a long way. As most of us are part of other fandoms as well, we feel the need to share this anime edit tags masterpost, to make it easier to access the fabulous edits the anime fandom has to offer!
Be sure to track the tags and use them either when you post or search for an edit. (Click here to learn more on how tagging on tumblr works.) Try to keep them clear from reposts & textposts so we can all enjoy the stuff that our talented graphic makers have created.
If your fandom has an edit tag and has not been included in this masterpost, feel free to add them when you reblog this post and spread the word. Thank you!

Fandom II Graphic Tag II [A-Z]
Bleach #bleachedit
Fairy Tail #ftgraphics
Free! #free!edit
Full Metal Alchemist #fmaedit
Kuroko no Basket #knbgraphics
Kuroshitsuji #kuroshitsujiedit
Noragami #noragamiedit
Magi #magiedit
Naruto #narutographic
One Piece #opgraphics
Psycho-Pass II #psychopassedit
Shingeki no Kyojin #snkgraphic
Studio Ghibli #studioghibligif & #studioghibliedit
Tokyo Ghoul #tgedit
Yowamushi Pedal #yowapedaedit